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[Server Bot] Latest Nimbuzz ServerBot Released, TheBOT v9.1.0 Updated

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Posted on Thu Jun 07, 2018 3:48 pm

[Server Bot]  Latest Nimbuzz ServerBot Released, TheBOT v9.1.0 Updated 111[Server Bot]  Latest Nimbuzz ServerBot Released, TheBOT v9.1.0 Updated Untitled


Hot Features : 

* Roster Controls Added; Now you can manage your room without joining, You can control it from bot private.
* Command Character Added; Now you can use your favorite command characters.
* Private Controls/Room Controls Improved.
* S2A Sender Bot Added, Use s2a@ID@Pwd@Subject

* Command - Description

* STB - Strict Ban , Ban flood IDs rapidly without allowing them to send message in room.
* FTB - Fake Text Ban , Ban Floods If They Are Sending Fake Texts/Fonts Messages.
* VG - Voting Game Added.
* IS/User@Room - Check user in room added.
* LV/GF@BF - Love calculator updated.
* BS/Status - Custom Bot Status Added For Server Admins.
* CMD/Char - For command character.

Bug Fixed:

* ID error when creating motherbots fixed.
* Fixed all minor and major bugs.

All Commands


Format : [Command]  [Information]

O/ID  Make Owner

A/ID  Make Admin

K/ID  Kick User

B/ID  Ban User

M/ID  Member User


F/ID  Ban Flood

V/ID  Visitor User

N/ID  None User

WC/1,0  On,Off Greetings

PWC/1,0  Pvt Greetings

MWC/1,0  Master Greetings

SG/1,0 On,Off Stylish Greetings.

+WC/Msg  Add Greetings

-WC/Msg  Remove

+MWC/Msg  Add Master Greetings

-MWC/Msg Remove

WC/C  Clear Greetings

ML/1,0  On,Off Message Length Filter

RL/1,0  Resource Length Filter

UL/1,0  Username Length Filter

MLN/1,0  Message Line Filter

MF/1,0  On,Off Message Filter

UF/1,0  Username Filter

RF/1,0  Resource Filter

+MF/Msg  Add New MF

-MF/Msg  Remove

-UF/ID  Add New UF

-UF/ID  Remove

+RF/Res  Add New RF

-RF/Res  Remove

.S/.SPIN/SPIN  Spin Wheel.

MLEN/Num  Add New MF Length

RLEN/Num  Add New RF Length

ULEN/Num  Add New UF Length

MLINE/Num  Add New Message Line Limit

+MAS/ID  Add Master

-MAS/ID  Remove

SHOW/MAS Show Master List

SHOW/U  Show Room Users

SHOW/RO  Show Room Owners

SHOW/RA  Show Room Admins

SHOW/RM  Show Room Members

SHOW/RP  Show Room Participants

BOMB/ID  Place Bomb On Users

SHOW/WC  Show Room greetings.

SHOW/MWC  Show Master Greetings.

C/WC  Clear Room Greetings.

C/MWC  Clear Master Greetings.

QUIZ/1,0  On,Off Quiz

.TOP  Show Top Quizers

.FAST  Show Top Timers

.H  Get Hint of The Answer

QT/Num  Change Quiz Speed

.DB  Change Database.

.L/.UL  Show Userlist

.LOCK  Quick Lock Room With Random Pwd.

.UNLOCK  Unlock Room

MO/1,0  On,Off Mem Only

VO/1,0  Verified Only

LOCK/1,0  Lock/Unlock Room

BOLD/1,0  Make Font Bold

ITALIC/1,0  Make Font Italic

BOLD/Test  Test Bold Style

ITALIC/Test  Test Italic Style

DT/ID   To Check Details of user.

SF/1,0   On,Off Chat Speed Filtering

SFL/Num  Update Chat Speed Limit

PM/Msg  Send some message to room

.QUIT  Quit Bot From Room

SIM/1,0  On,Off similar message filter

SIML/Num  Update Maximum Similar message limit.

SIMS/Num  Change Speed of sending similar messages in seconds

LOG/1,0  On,Off Logs.

.LOG/.LOGS   Show Logs

LOG/C  Clear Log

.U   Undo Last Action

.LB  Show Last Ban Users List

BU/ID or Num to ban abuser if their id name contains abusive word.

IDLE/1,0  On,Off Idle Kick

IDLET/Num  Change Idle Kick Intervel.

MR/1,0  On,Off Message Repeat Ban

MRL/Num  Change Max. Msg Repeat Limit.

.OL  Get Owner List

.AL  Get Admin List

.ML  Get Member List

.BL  Get Ban List

.BSL  Get Banned Stylish Ids

.FL Show Stylish User Ids

SLOG/Keyword  Search Keyword From Logs

SO/ID  Search Id From Owner List.

SA/ID  Search Id From Admin List.

SM/ID  Search Id From Member List.

SB/ID  Search Id From Ban List.

SBS/ID  Search Id From Banned Stylish List.

C/WC  Clear Greetings

C/MWC  Clear Master Greetings

C/LOG  Clear Log

C/MF  Clear Message Filter

C/UF  Clear Username Filter

C/RF  Clear Resource Filter.

.MODE  Change Bot Action Mode

CD/ID  Check Creation Date of user.

PRO/ID  Check Profile.

DICT/Sometext  Get Meaning From Oxford Dictionary.

CHOC ID  -Send Chocolate.

ICE ID  -Send Icecream.

TEDDY ID  -Send Teddy.

BALL ID  -Send Ball.

ROSE ID  -Send Rose.

DIA ID  -Send Diamond.

RING ID  -Send Ring.

BALLOON ID  -Send Balloon.

CAR ID  -Send Car.

UMBRELLA ID  -Send Umbrella.

FISH ID  -Send Fish.

CIG ID  -Send Cigarette.

BEER ID  -Send Beer.

VODKA ID  -Send Vodka.

UW ID  -Send Underwear.

COF ID  -Send Coffee.

TEA ID  -Send Tea.

MOVIE/Name  Search Movie Details.

AGE/Date  Check Age And B'day.

NEWS/1,0   On,Off News.

.NEWSDB   Change News Database.

.NEWSTYPE   Change show type

TR/1 Enable Translator.

TR/0 Disable Translator.

TRANS/Text@FromLang@ToLang  Translate Text.

.LANG  Show Translation Language List.

C/OL  Clear Owner List.

C/AL  Clear Admin List.

C/ML  Clear Member List.

C/BL  Clear Ban List.

C/BSL  Clear Banned Stylish Ids List.

ROLL/1,0  On,Off Roll Bot.

ROLL To Role Bot.

.OL ID   Search ID From Owner List.

.AL ID   Search ID From Admin List.

.ML ID   Search ID From Member List.

.BL ID   Search ID From Ban List.

.BSL ID   Search ID From Banned Stylish Ids List.

SKP/1  Enable Superkick Punishment.

SKP/0  Disable.

REP/1  Enable Reports.

REP/0 Disable Reports.

.REPTYPE  Change Reporting Type.

WEATHER/CityName@CountryCode  Get Forecast.

.COUNTRY  Get Country Code List.

SNAKE/1  Enable Snake And Ladder Game.

SNAKE/0  Disable Snake And Ladder Game.

.J  Join To Game

D  Roll Dice.

SNAKE/R  Reset Game.

ABORT/MLC  Abort Member Cleaning Process.

ABORT/ALC  Abort Admin Cleaning Process.

ABORT/OLC  Abort Owner Cleaning Process.

ABORT/BLC  Abort Ban Cleaning Process.

ABORT/BSLC  Abort Stylish Ban Cleaning Process.

QC/1  Enable Quiz Competition.

QC/0  Disable Quiz Competition.

QCIH/Num  Specify Competition Duration In Hours.

QCID/Num  Specify Competition Duration In Days.

.TOP Show Top Comp. Quizers.

.FAST Show Fast Comp. Quizers

.MOST Show Most Answered Comp. Quizers

.WON Show Comp. Winners.

TRANS/Text  Translate Using Default From And To Languages.

TRF/Lang  Change Default From-Language.

TRT/Lang  Change Default To-Language.

MM/1,0 On,Off Member Me Mode.

MQ/1,0  On,Off Member Questioning.

MQQ/Ques  Update Member Question.

MQA/Ans Update Member Qeus Answer.

+TO/ID   Add Temporary Owner.

-TO/ID   Remove Temporary Owner.

+TA/ID    Add Temporary Admin.

-TA/ID   Remove Temporary Admin.

SHOW/TO  Show Temporary Owner.

SHOW/TA  Show Temporary Admin.

C/TO  Clear Temporary Owner.

C/TA  Clear Temporary Admin.

AFB/1,0 On,Off Auto Flood Blocks

AFBD/Num  Change Blocking Duration In Minutes.

AFBC/Num Change Flood Checks Intervel.

.AFBM  Change Blocking Mode.

MPQ/1,0  On,Off Minus Point Quiz.

MP/Num  Change Minus Point Score.

.QMODE  Toggle Between Quiz Modes.

MAL/1,0 On,Off Malayalm Quiz Output.

LOADS/ID@Room   Load Bot Settings of another ID and Room.

LOADS/ID   Load Bot Settings of Another Id But Same Room.

LOADQ/Room   Load Quiz Scores of another Room.

LOADT/Room   Load Temporary affiliation List of Another Room.

-WC NUM  -Delete from greetings.

-MWC NUM  -Delete from master greeting.

-MSG NUM  -Remove from auto msg.

-UF NUM  -Remove from UF

-RF NUM  -Remove from RF

-MF NUM  -Remove from MF

GTF - change greeting fonts.

SMF/1,0 On,Off Small Font For Bot.

IS/User@Room  -Check user exist in room or not.

CMD/Char -Change Bot Command Character

+QADV/Msg -Add To Quiz Advertisements.

-QADV/Msg -Remove Advertisment.

C/QADV -Clear Advertisement.

SHOW/QADV -List Advertisments.

Advertisements will display beginning of every quiz questions.

LS/Id -Show last seen of user.

NJF/1,0 - On,Off new joiners filter

FR/1,0 - Enable/Disbale Fake Resource Filtering.

STF/1,0 On,Off Strict Filtering.

VG/1,0  On,Off Voting Game.

+NM/User  Add To Nominees.

-NM/User  Remove From Nominees.

VSUB/Subj  Change Voting Subject.

VG/R  Reset Voting Game.

FTB/1,0  On,Off Fake Text Ban.

You can perform all these commands with respect to the list shown in room followed by the serial number.

Example PRO 1 will give you profile of 1st user of the list.


Format : [Command]  [Information]

● SF@ON  - Enable Anti Spam

● SF@OFF  - Disable Anti Spam

● S2A@Msg - Send S2a To All User

● CHAT@ON - Enable Admin Chat

● CHAT@OFF - Disable Admin Chat

● LOG@ON - Enable Logs

● LOG@OFF - Disable Logs

● ADMINS - Show Available Admins

● AA@ID  - Add To Admins

● DA@ID - Delete From Admins

● BS@Status - Change Bot Status

● C@BS - Clear Bot Status

● SHUTDOWN - Turn off server.

● INFO - Get Information

● ABOUT - Get Software Information

TheBot v9.0.0.0

Total 283 Commands.

Note 1: Encrypted module.
Note 2: All copy cat developers [Oh Sorry! Source code editors]  vik Please do not copy thebot features same as it is  mnn i have patent for this  Dzs

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Posted on Fri Jun 08, 2018 11:10 am

TheBOT updated to version 9.1.0

New In Version 9.1.0 ?

* Voting Game Bug Fixed.

* Added Quiz Replies.


Download From Picofile    :download:

Download From MediaFire   :download:


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Posted on Sat Jun 09, 2018 6:58 am

Latest 24x7 Online Server IDS

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[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]


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Posted on Mon Jun 11, 2018 2:08 pm

Hi Users!

If you want new features to be added in TheBots. Please ping me on [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]


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