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TheBot v2.0.0.1 Latest Server Bot

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Fояαм new user
Fояαм new user

Posted on Tue Dec 05, 2017 2:06 pm

TheBot v2.0.0.1 Latest Server Bot UntitledTheBot v2.0.0.1 Latest Server Bot Untitled

Download TheBot v2.0.0.1 From Mediafire
Download TheBot v2.0.0.1 From Picofile

New And Powerful server bot, You can connect newer as well as older ids, Multiple quiz databases over 6000+ questions and answers,  100+ chatroom commands, Auto score saving and room management systems, Modern ban and room censoring, spin and puzzles , Real time databases, No VPS and ID blocks, Low memory consuming, Easy and Modern UI.


Format : [Command]  [Information]
• O/Id  Make Owner
• A/ID  Make Admin
• K/Id  Kick User
• B/Id  Ban User
• M/ID  Member User
• IP/Id  Ban IP
• F/ID  Ban Flood
• V/Id  Visitor User
• N/Id  None User
• wc/1 or 0  Enable/Disable Greetings
• pwc/1 or 0  Pvt Greetings
• mwc/1 or 0  Master Greetings
• sg/1 or 0 Enable/Disable Stylish Greetings.
• +wc/Msg  Add Greetings
• -wc/Msg  Remove
• +mwc/Msg  Add Master Greetings
• -mwc/Msg Remove
• wc/c  Clear Greetings
• ml/1 or 0  Enable/Disable Message Length Filter
• rl/1 or 0  Resource Length Filter
• ul/1 or 0  Username Length Filter
• mln/1 or 0  Message Line Filter
• mf/1 or 0  Enable/Disable Message Filter
• uf/1 or 0  Username Filter
• rf/1 or 0  Resource Filter
• +mf/Msg  Add New MF
• -mf/Msg  Remove
• -uf/Id  Add New UF
• -uf/Id  Remove
• +rf/Res  Add New RF
• -rf/Res  Remove
• mlen/Num  Add New MF Length
• rlen/Num  Add New RF Length
• ulen/Num  Add New UF Length
• mline/Num  Add New Message Line Limit
• +mas/Id  Add Master
• -mas/Id  Remove
• show/mas Show Master List
• show/u  Show Room Users
• show/ro  Show Room Owners
• show/ra  Show Room Admins
• show/rm  Show Room Members
• show/rp  Show Room Participants
• Bomb/id  Place Bomb On Users
• +mas/Id  Add Master
• -mas/Id  Remove
• show/mas Show Master List
• show/u  Show Room Users
• show/ro  Show Room Owners
• Quiz/1 or 0  Enable/Disable Quiz
• .top  Show Top Quizers
• .fast  Show Top Timers
• .h  Get Hint of The Answer
• qt/Num  Change Quiz Speed
• .l  Show Userlist (or .ul)
• .lock  Lock Room
• .unlock  Unlock Room
• mo/1 or 0  Enable/Disable Mem Only
• vo/1 or 0  Verified Only
• Lock/1 or 0  Lock/Unlock Room
• Bold/1 or 0  Make Font Bold
• Italic/1 or 0  Make Font Italic
• Bold/Test  Test Bold Style
• Italic/Test  Test Italic Style
• dt/Id or Num   To Check Details of user.
• sf/1 or 0  (or speed/1 or 0)Enable/Disable Chat Speed Filtering
• mspeed/Number  Update Chat Speed Limit
• pm@Msg  Send some message to room
• .quit  Quit Bot From Room
• sim/1 or 0  Enable/disable similar message filter
• msim/Num  Update Maximum Similar message limit.
• simspeed/Num  Change Speed of sending similar messages
• log/1 or 0  Enable/Disable Logs.
• .log or .logs Show Logs
• log/c  Clear Log
• .u undo last ban
• .lb  Show Last Ban Users
• bu/Id or Num to ban abuser if their id name contains abusive word.
• Idle/1 or 0  Enable/Disable Idle Kick
• idlet/Num  Change Idle Kick Intervel.
• Mr/1 or 0  Enable/Disable Message Repeat Ban
• mmr/num  Change Max. Msg Repeat Count.
• .ol  Get Owner List
• .al  Get Admin List
• .ml  Get Member List
• .bl  Get Ban List
• .bsl  Get Banned Stylish Ids
• .fl Show Stylish User Ids
• so/Letter  Search Id From Owner List.
• sa/Letter  Search Id From Admin List.
• sm/Letter  Search Id From Member List.
• sb/Letter  Search Id From Ban List.
• sbf/Letter  Search Id From Banned Font List.
• c/wc  Clear Greetings
• c/mwc  Clear Master Greetings
• c/log  Clear Log
• c/mf  Clear Message Filter
• c/uf  Clear Username Filter
• c/rf  Clear Resource Filter.

You can perform commands without writing the full username of user .instead, you can write some letter that belongs to the username to perform action against that particular user

Example : "k Pri"   will kick the user 'prince' from room, or the user which contains letter 'Pri' in their username will get kicked from room.
you can use all commands same as the above style.

Format : [Command]  [Information]
• sf@on  Enable Anti Spam
• sf@off  Disable Anti Spam
• s2a@Msg Send S2a To All User
• Chat@on Enable Admin Chat
• Chat@off Disable Admin Chat
• Log@on  Enable  Save Logs
• Log@off  Disable Save Logs
• shutdown  Turn off server.
• Info  Get Information
• About  Get Software Information
TheBot v2.0.0.1 Latest Server Bot Untitl10
This Software is encrypted, The Virus scan engines may show it as virus. There is no Malicious Code and Stealing programs like keylogger attached in this program. Get More From Here [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

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Management team
Management team

Posted on Fri Dec 08, 2017 6:12 pm

TheBot v2.0.0.1 Latest Server Bot Captur10

I can't open blog   TheBot v2.0.0.1 Latest Server Bot 1f607  TheBot v2.0.0.1 Latest Server Bot 1f607  TheBot v2.0.0.1 Latest Server Bot 1f607  TheBot v2.0.0.1 Latest Server Bot 1f607  TheBot v2.0.0.1 Latest Server Bot 1f607  TheBot v2.0.0.1 Latest Server Bot 1f607  TheBot v2.0.0.1 Latest Server Bot 1f607  TheBot v2.0.0.1 Latest Server Bot 1f607

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Posted on Wed Dec 27, 2017 11:30 pm

need to resource change options 
resources show .

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